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IONISAN / nature-oriented

IONISAN uses a volume cold plasma technique to clean the air from viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and odors. The basic principle is the permanent release of positive and negative ions. With this process the microbes bacteria fungal spores are completely destroyed. In addition, the release of negative ions cleans the air (like after a thunderstorm). This makes the indoor air is even better than the outdoor air. Small negative ions create a vitalizing effect of healthy and pure air, like we find near a waterfall. All IONISAN units are maintenance-free (no filter replacement) and do not emit any chemical substances such as ozone.

You have three models to choose from.


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Small stand-alone ionizer suitable for purifying the air in small, enclosed spaces, up to 60 cubic meters. Compact and quiet, the Ionisan Pod is easy to use and install: It can be placed on a desk and connected to a computer via USB or powered externally from a home outlet. It can also be powered from a vehicle's power supply. Maintenance is low and cleaning can be done easily with a cotton swab.
  • Power consumption 5W
  • Weight 150 g.
  • Material AISI 304
  • Dimension 70x70x75 mm
  • Power supply 5Vdc

Preis: 360,- € / inkl.19% MwSt.


Stand-alone ionizer for air purification in small residential and work units up to 150 cubic meters. The device can generate Factor 10 to the power of 10 positive and negative ions per second, which spread into the environment. The unit is made entirely of stainless steel, is easy to install as it only connects to electricity, and is easy to maintain. Dust and debris that may impede airflow can be extracted without the need to replace filters or other components. Thanks to its small footprint, the unit can be easily placed in homes and offices.

    • Power consumption 5W
    • Weight 1,2 kg
    • Material AISI 304
    • Dimension 70x70x235 mm
    • Power supply 12V

Preis: 1125,- €/ inkl..19% MwSt


Stand-alone ionizer, ideal for purifying the air in medium-sized indoor spaces. The unit can produce a concentration of Factor 10 to the power of 12 ions/second in units up to 400 cubic meters, reduces the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and eliminate viruses and bacteria. The unit can be either mounted on the wall or ceiling with special accessories or placed on the floor on a sufficiently stable surface. Installation is simple and fast, and maintenance is minimal.

  • Power consumption 80 W
  • Weight 4.5 kg.
  • Material AISI 304
  • Dimension 70x70x235 mm
  • Power supply 230V / 50 Hz


Preis: 2745,- € / inkl.19% MwSt.

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